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"Dr. Andrey Snigorenko is incredible!

My car got broken into so I needed a new passenger window so I called Dr. Andrey. I saved over a hundred dollars from the estimate the VW dealer gave me, and Dr. Andrey came to my house to fix it just a few hours after I called him. He was quick, friendly, professional, and did an incredible job.

I hope my car never gets broken into again but if it does, I am definitely calling Dr. Andrey again!"

Stephanie G.
San Francisco, CA

"My car window was installed the same day I called Super Auto Glass. They came to my place (no extra charge!) which was great because I felt that it was dangerous to drive my car anywhere when the whole rear winder can shatter more at any moment. When I called, they asked all the right questions about my car. One of the questions I didn't have a clue on was "How many plugs are in the rear window." When I couldn't answer that, the technician, Andrey, drove over to my place to double check. Then left and came back a few hours later with a whole new window. With a smile, he installed the window and explained everything as he was doing it. That was a plus because he answered any questions I may have before I even needed to ask. He also cleaned and polished the rear window break light, which was a nice surprised. Didn't need to be done, but he did it anyway. Very nice. The workmanship was perfect! I notice how perfect he made the molding around the window. Very precise, centered, and hardly a gap. Even better than how the original car company did it originally.

I've done my research online and called a lot of local car window instillations companies. Super Auto Glass came out with the best price AND they will come to you, which is a big plus. For me, they came back twice in the same day. First time to double check on my window plugs, and second time, to install the new window. Great job!"

Jack L.
San Francisco, CA

"The Doctor is in!

Great work at a price significantly less than any other glass company. He's clean, fast, professional and best of all, comes to you for installation."

Jason H.
San Francisco, CA

"My car was broken into over the weekend, and I was very upset. I called around to six different places on Monday to get it fixed, and Super Auto Glass gave me by far the best price quote, so I decided to go with them. They came to my home promptly (same day!) and fixed it perfectly in ten minutes. I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to friends."

Kara E.
Pacifica, CA

"Best service ever!!!!!! Andrey worked on our 2004 Porsche and the windshield and rear window came out great! He also installed an OEM windshield in our 2006 Range Rover Sport w/ the rain sensor. WAY less than dealership!!!!! We saved so much money. TOP NOTCH QUALITY. Here are some tips: Andrey is a bit difficult with speech and it took me a while to figure him out, so please call the office, leave your the year of your car, make, model with the attendant. He'll call you back with an estimate in a few minutes. Be patient, and the results will show in the difference in price."

Dong T.
San Francisco, CA

"Andrey was great. He came to my house and installed a new windshield on my 2007 4Runner. His installation was topnotch. The window molding was fully sealed, and I happy with the install. He also adhered my Fastrak to my windshield. For fast, friendly, and great service, do not hesitate to call Super Auto Glass."

michael c.
San Francisco, CA

"Andrey was amazing! He came during the first hour of my 3hr window, got the job done fast and wast super friendly, funny & playful. He played with my 2 kids and made everyone laugh. He even put my fastrak on my windsheild (I have had it on my dash for 2yrs) I would have never know it was there :) The job was great and my windsheild is better than new! (great price too) Thank you Andrey, if I ever need another window I'll be calling you."

daina s.
Mill Valley, CA

"Excellent work. Andrey came by to work on my friend's BMW M3 the same day we called him. He took care of all the broken glass and was very friendly. With great customer service, same day install, and great prices, there's nothing more I need to say. Thanks! I highly recommend them!"

Edwin L.
San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Andrey is the fantastic glass doctor! On time, efficient, economical, and loves my dog. What more can one ask for?"

Fattfreddie F.
San Francisco, CA

Typically, the insurance companies will fix a small ding or crack for free, so I tried that first, with a vendor the insurance company recommended. It still left an unsightly gash, right in the driver's line of sight, so I decided to replace the windshield entirely.

First step: call the insurance company. They told me that they would replace the windshield with 'like kind' but not original equipment manufacturer's glass. I wasn't willing to compromise on this, and told them I'd pay the upcharge for the difference.

Next step - I called BMW to get a quote for the replacement. $1500, and they wanted to keep the car overnight. I winced at the $1000 out of pocket - my deductible, plus the pittance that the insurance company was going to cover...and turned to Yelp for Help.

Yelpers love Super Auto Glass, and I see very clearly why (if you'll pardon the pun). The quote was fast, easy, and fair, the process streamlined, and efficient (between Super and my Insurance company). Whatever Super did for me, they got my insurance company to pony up for the bmw oem glass, so I was out of pocket only my deductible. At first, I was a little apprehensive that bmw wanted 1500 and 24 hours to do what Super offered for 1000 and an hour and a half, but I went for it anyway.

The glass was available for me in 24 hours. Andrey came to my workplace right on time, and did the work in about an hour and a half. Simple conditions like don't drive for an hour after the replacement (which is easy when you're already at work), don't wash it for 24 hours, and don't take the tape off for 8-12...and he was careful to go over all the post-op with me step by step.

Friendly, professional, thorough, ULTRA convenient, and affordable.

I keep looking for the 6th star to give them... "

theresa b.
Daly City, CA

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